Counsellors who assist people seeking infertility treatment need to have a knowledge and understanding of the complex issues involved, however they are not involved in assessing eligibility for treatment.

Counsellors must be qualified and experienced counsellors, who also possess a significant knowledge of the issues associated with fertility and infertility. They must also demonstrate evidence of keeping up to date with technological developments. For this reason, counsellors must be eligible for full membership of the Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association (ANZICA). More information about ANZICA membership criteria can be found here.

Licensed fertility providers must ensure that a counselling session is included in the cost of treatment. Counselling fees may be directed towards a counsellor outside the practice, where this has been arranged between the participant and licensee.

The cost of counselling for known donors is generally met by the recipient/s.

If using a donor from interstate or overseas, counselling is still required. The qualifications and role of the counsellor should be equivalent to what is required in WA.